Friday, July 18, 2014

My Cardio Playlist

Happy Friday! I thought I would do a little something different on this beautiful day! After my run this morning, I realized that I depend a lot on my music for getting through my workouts. I love working out, but I get bored easily while I run and a good playlist helps me keep things a little more exciting. I thought that I would share my summer run playlist that I have been constructing and editing ever since the beginning of summer and hopefully you will find this helpful in motivating you during your workouts!

Spotify Playlist: (All of these songs can be found on Spotify) in no particular order:

All Night Longer - Sammy Adams
Come With Me Now - KONGOS
Bad (ft. Vassy) - David Guetta
Ten Feet Tall - Afrojack
Thank You - MKTO
Wild WIld Love - Pitbull
First Things First - Neon Trees

Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato
Chandelier - Sia

I'm Ready - AJR

A Town Called Paradise - Tiesto

Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea) - Ariana Grande
Feelin' Myself -
Hall of Fame - The Script
Sing - Ed Sheeran
After Hours - AJR

I Italicized and provided youtube links to the tracks that I am ESPECIALLY loving right now. I found that I prefer a song when it has a really consistent and rough bass beat that goes well as my steps as I run. I am really really obsessed with Tiesto's music and A Town Called Paradise is my current favorite right now. I'm Ready by AJR is my current favorite running song because of its beats. I also enjoy listening to songs with interesting lyrics when I run so I would get distracted and get sucked in the world of music. First Things First by Neon Trees is a really nice track with a good story and I always get so passionate about it when I run!

Here is another list that I have created over time. Here are some K-pop tracks that I like to add some variety when I workout:

A - GOT7
Overdose - EXO
Red Light - F(x) *Obsessed* 

Day n' Night - TASTY
200% - AKMU
I Like You - GOT7
1004 - B.A.P

I was thinking about doing a makeup and outfit inspired by F(x)'s new Red Light concept, maybe let me know whether that's something that people are going to be interested in?

Hope this was somewhat interesting to read and digest, let me know what you like to listen to when you run!!

Happy Friday!



  1. Loved Sia's new song & would you like to follow each other
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    1. followed you on GFC^^ ( I don't really use the other two much but I'll add when I get the chance