Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Week in Food

I Love Food.

I mean who doesn't right? 
I cook every single day and I was originally going to share with you all a very easy garlic bread recipe that I tried out last week, but I realized that I made a lot of good food in general in the past week, so I thought that I would share it all. 

Lunch is where I can be creative because I usually am the chef in charge (and by that I mean I get to do whatever I want with whatever we have in the kitchen, and my mom usually have to deal with it and eat my food). When I was on Youtube the other day, I came across a load of Asian food DIY videos and became really, really intrigued. This dish especially caught my attention because it was easy to make and it had everything that I liked in it: Chicken, Eggs, and Rice; so I decided to make Omurice, with my own twist of course. 

I made this version of Omurice by doing everything you would with regular fried rice, but instead of rice, I substituted it in with quinoa, which is a much healthier and IMO just as delicious alternative. I also added some Korean hot pepper paste for some extra sweetness and kick. It was delicious! You can find a good and easy Omurice recipe here.

Next on the list of delicious foods are these divine and EXTRA simple garlic bread rolls. These were the easiest yet the most delicious bread that I have ever made, and they were from scratch! If you are like me and often have trouble with rising the dough, this recipe is almost fool proof. I found it on Pinterest and I didn't really tweak the recipe at all. 

Recipe from The Recipe Critic 

Look at these delicious babies. They were truly to die for. So soft yet chewy on the inside. I have no words, you have to try it for yourself!

 After I tied the dough into double knots because I cut my dough too long, I let them proof a bit just before they go into the oven. 

And here they are out of the oven, drenched in garlic, butter, and olive oil. Delicious. 

Sometimes I binge watch episodes of Diners Drive ins and Dive and crave cheesy and heavy comfort food, but other times, I crave tradition, so on the past Friday, my Mom and I decided to make some Chinese style homemade dumplings. Everything was made from scratch. I was in charge with the wrapper while she prepared the napa cabbage and pork filling. 

Here you can see my Mom just killin' it. These were so delicious. And the best part is the extras could be frozen and cooked at any time later! 

Hope this was interesting for you to encounter! Let me know what your food cravings are and what you like to eat on the daily!

Happy Thursday!



  1. These are mouthwatering..such a delicious post I must say! :D

    Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks! You too! Hope you had a nice weekend :)