Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to School DIY: String Art

I am so excited to be moving into a new house with four of my close friends this upcoming fall. Since I will be having my own room this year, I thought that I would create some DIY decor that would make my room a place where I can relax and enjoy my time away from the college stress and work.

I was inspired by LaurDIY from Youtube in creating this decorative string art. Wall decor like these could cost a lot of money, but it is actually so easy and so affordable to do it yourself!

As you can tell, I chose to create my wall decor the shape of my home state (Minnesota Woo!), but feel free to do whatever shape you would like.

Materials you will need: a pack of nails, plywood or any piece of wood, a cutout of your shape of choice, a hammer, string in several colors. (I got mine all from Michael's, with exception of the hammer, everything else added up to be under $8.) 

1. First, what you need to do is print out the shape that you want to create of your string art and cut it out. Place it on the wood and position it in place. Make sure to tape the back onto the wood so it doesn't slip. 

2. Start hammering in the nail carefully and lightly into the wood. Depending on what kind of wood you have, you should do this carefully because if the wood is dry, it might crack. Slowly hammer in the nails until you are done with the entire outline of the shape. 

3. Take off your shape guide and you are ready to begin stringin'.

4. Tie a piece of string on one of the nails. Make sure to double knot it so it doesn't come off. The rest is pretty simple, keep circling the string in various directions. It really doesn't matter which direction, as long as it is even all around. Do this with strings of other color. Tie the ends onto a nail once you are finished. 

5. Keep crossing the string back and forth until you achieve a thickness or opaqueness that you are happy with. This was what mine looked like!

See? Wasn't that easy. It was so much fun to do as well. This will look so nice, whether I hang it on the wall, place it against the wall on my desk or a dresser. It can look cute with so many other decor items as well.

Hope you can give it a try! And Let me know if you do!
Also, please share your DIY decor ideas!

Happy Sunday!



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  2. Great idea! I usually just decorate my place with pictures taped on the wall :)

  3. you should totally make me one gracie poo ;)

  4. I am very bad with nails & hammer but kudos to you
    for making this!